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Our Culture Needs More Entrepreneurs

A lot parents have lost the opportunity to embed a culture of entrepreneurship into their children. We have transitioned into a generation that needs entrepreneurs more than ever. With constantly evolving technology, industry disruption, and an unstable job market many students now entering the workforce find themselves struggling to adapt to the new climate.

Unfortunately, many of their struggles are a result of growing up in a culture of dependencysuccess-937892_640. This country at one point was able to provide endless jobs for the working class. At one point finishing school, was much more celebrated as you knew a great job was waiting for you on the other end, with a potential signing bonus waiting. Now in some of the top industries of high prestige, students find themselves returning home to work at the local supermarket.

Business venture opportunities are endless in this world of abundance created by the Internet. Every industry has been affected by the Internet and lowered barriers to entry.  The growing insignificance of additional education to learn new skill sets has created opportunity for anyone to get ahead. People who find themselves to be more resourceful, and scrappy are finding much more success in this new era, while those who have walked the well worn path face increasing difficulty to compete with other candidates for limited jobs.

The Internet has given us all a place to create multiple six-figure incomes if desired, yet many of us have grown accustomed to structure and direction, that we do not have the resourcefulness it takes to learn how to build a business from scratch. Most of us did not have the lemonade stand when we were 7. We did our homework, and went to play outside after. From young we have grown accustomed to doing as we are told, and using our free time for other indulgences. However this is the time to take extreme risk.

The opportunity to establish even a small local business that leverages the Internet to grow is a lot easier than finding that job after attending law school. Unfortunately, the fear, worry, and unknown variables that come with time and money spent paralyze many from tapping into endless wealth. In fact, in the end, embracing the temporary struggle would give them an even better quality of life. They will develop an appreciation for time, their own ability, and those around them who have managed to do the same for themselves.

It is important that the next generation does not face the same handicaps that the millennial generation is facing. It is important for us to re-establish a culture of setting up shop for your last name. Large corporations have grown so powerful, that the people no longer have any leverage. People are becoming enslaved mentally into believing they cannot create a living independently. We need more entrepreneurs. This world needs more local businesses that are owned by residents of the community.

It is too important that the next generation has a culture of self-sufficiency. It is important for the up and coming working generation to look at themselves for wealth first. They must know how to be resourceful and independent. In turn their self-esteem cannot be wavered by an ever changing world. They will adapt confidently.

Life’s Reflections

I find it important to share of the very introspective experience I had today as I reflected on the direction my life was taking and trying to reason through how I have gotten to this point. Reflecting on my motivations, priorities, desires, ambitions, and much more allowed me to see the importance of perspective.brain-1300479_640


Everything ultimately comes back to perspective. Your complete happiness is tied to perspective. No matter what your circumstance or unique situation there are hundreds of different  ways to perceive your reality. Happiness is a never-ending chase if perspective is skewed by things that do not matter. We live in a world that has molded us to become slaves to creating lifestyles of exclusivity. We must have in the physical sense what all cannot afford.


In most cases the desire to acquire and amass things that cost money, and have no true value can manipulate us into believing we cannot be happy until we get to that end. However, there will always be something new that we will strive to attain in the physical sense.


A complete disregard for life’s priceless gifts have left us lost in a matrix. Everything that we are looking for outwardly is already within us. Unfortunately, it is normally too late once we realize what was important all along. Things like genuine love, compassion, affection are taken for granted. I have even found myself completely ignoring those around me who offer the greatest gifts. What I shape my day around cannot compare to the fortunes right in front of me everyday. It even made me reflect on the lack of gratitude for having all of my senses in tact. Being able to touch, smell, hear and even just to breathe are things we believe we are entitled to. But that cannot be further from the truth, which I wanted to share with you this day of reflection. I hope you will take the time to do the same for yourself.


Where one has to win is finding peace within. Finding contentment spiritually has such great depth that nothing in the material world can ruffle that sense of contentment. For so long I have found myself overthinking and stressing about how to reach new heights not having even reflected on how far I have came. Where does happiness start if you cannot remember your beginning? It becomes very dangerous when one can no longer pause and reflect, look back, or look around. I am not saying one should remain nostalgic or stuck in the past, but one must remember the trail they have left behind, and know the journey is actually the sweetest part, not the destination.